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Hi Im a 29yr old female in Brighton, UK.Just setting up my brand new venture Gifted Good! hope you will check it out and Enjoy!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

spring green!

I painted these nails late last night and eventually gave up trying to get a natural light photo...sorry guys! they are really bright in real life but the these pics make the colours look kind've space age! (I quite like the photos actually though) I was going to get a pic in day light today but I've been at work and then cleaning like a crazy lazy since I finished ready for my flat inspection tomorrow ^_^ gaaah a womans work is never done Hahahhahaha!
Anyways here's a couple of snaps hope you like them!
What I used:
Models own:
lime green
slate green
sun kissed
buff pink
pink punch
juicy jules
MUA- black (not pictured)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Porcelain nails

My nails today! I'm really liking these.. I was torn between calling them 'porcelain nails' as that was what I had in mind when painting them or 'blue moon' nails as I was really happy with the effect of the detailed moon.. I went with porcelain (obv.) ^_^ 
 I wanted to recreate the delicate pale pink and blue style I've seen on old tea sets, I used (1 of my faves) Gold coin by revlon to look like little 'gilded' leaves, for the white base I have a tip actually.. I applied 2 coats of my white polish but felt it still looked kind've streaky ... this always seems to be the problem with whatever white I try, I decided instead of adding another coat of the white to try a pearlized polish instead and I was sooo pleased I did! I will be remebering this for the future as it totally evened out the whole base so well!
I haven't included step by step pics today I didn't get a chance but all the information you would need to re-create this look can be found in my  Russian doll or Gypsy nails posts.
 What I used:
Models Own - (L to R)
Dream stream
Prussian blue
Slate green
Soda pop pink
Sophies pink
Snow white (not pictured)
Revlon - Gold coin
Beauty UK - Pearl
M.U.A - black

Hope you like them, back soon with something new for you!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Parrot pink Shellac!

this is the colour in indoor light.
I created this lucious pink/red coloured Shellac manicure using a regular Shellac basecoat, then 2 coats of a powder pigment/top coat mix (Parrot pink), then a clear Shellac top coat to seal it... The colour is just sooooo vibrant like fluroescent hot pink/red PLUS Check out how amazing it looks under the UV lamp! haha
 This makes me want to go to a nightclub ^_^ but also the beauty is that this shade stands out so great in daylight because it picks up any natural UV light and the colour totally beams... I love it! and the powder pigment works out sooo much cheaper than buying Shellac shades because you don't need to have 15ml of each colour that you want to try.
This pic was taken outside but apolagies as I took all of 2 secs snatching this pic on my phone on my work break so its pretty bleary...but just check out that Parrot pink! I can not stop staring at them!
This is outdoors in sunlight

After I had it on my nails a day or so I was even more in love with it than I first had been...especially coz I made it myself .. I decided to make it a label
I just drew the label with fineliner and coloured it in ..it's hard to do something with such a small space to work on but I like the finished result! (I just washed and re- used a glass dazzle dust jar to keep it in - so that's what I stuck the label on in case your wondering! I wanted to cover the glass because its gel polish so I don't want the light getting in and making it gunky) after that I spent a bit too long making a funky little collage of my experimenting..lol..coz I'm a geek ^_^

Hope you like this post! it's a bit different I know, I was just excited about my discovery of making custom Shellac colours, let me know what you think or if anyone is doing similar stuff to this?
Thanks for reading - catch you soon!
Oh p.s. its so far lasting really perfectly..just like regular Shellac manicure..4 days so far and not a single scratch! and my job is soooo not kind to nails!!! I have it on fingers AND toes...*addicted* lol

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day nails

In the UK today we have Mothers day, Happy Mothers day mum! so obv. I wanted to give my mum a manicure and gel polish, my sisters and I chipped in and gave her 2 tickets to see Legally Blonde the musical - which is such a great show it's really funny I went with my boyfriend and we both really laughed...there's even a real life 'actor' doggy in it and he's so cute and good at being in the show! So I hope my mama enjoys her night when she goes... I'd really recomend that show to anyone! ^_^
She chose this nice pearly pink which I created with 2x coats of 'Hot pop pink' Shellac colour and 1x coat of 'moonlight and roses' Shellac colour.. I think they look really good - the Moonlight and roses polish looks great on top of most colours I've tried it with because its so pearly.  
The backdrop to my photos was a gift aswell, my sis painted her this cigar box with her signature roses style it's soooo pretty the colours really stand out on the wooden background...and I love the pink scalloped edge pattern (all in all it was a pretty pink day!)
You can see more of my sisters art/painting/drawing on her lovely blog Deer little fawn
Back soon with some more nails for you, hope everyone had a good weekend!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

french crystal tips

 This is a very simple tutorial to recreate (a little easier still on someone else..I always struggle to do a perfect french on my right hand but practice makes perfect) I wanted to show how to get an easy gradient effect with a glitter polish that makes your tips look really magical and sparkly.
1) I used Models own - Buff pink for the base
 2) I did my tips free hand in Snow white by M.O.
 3) Next apply your glitter just to the tips of your nails.. in the same way you do a regular french. I used Juicey Jules glitter it's soo nice it twinkles like diamonds!
 4) Allow to dry and then add a second layer of glitter to each tip.. this time drag the glitter polish lightly from the centre of the nail to the tip to create a nice look which is denser glitter at the tip (because of the previous step) very easy and no need to apply thick layers of glitter polish which is going to take ages to dry/get off!
Glittery nails never photograph as pretty as they look in real life these are like ice dancer nails! I was so pleased to finally have the little bit of length back so I could do french tips, I'm out of practice! hope you like these.. I think they would look nice and glitzy for a prom or even bridal/ bridesmaid nails - catch you soon with some more designs!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Beth's cloud nails

I knew my sister would be all over this lovely powder blue polish from my new collection when it was time for her regular mani - ( I wasn't wrong hehe) she went for cloud nails style which always look cute ( I love trying new colour combos on this kind of simple design) and she picked out super cute spring pastel colours Soda Pop Pink and Beth's Blue both by Models Own and she wanted a gold lining so I used Revlon Gold Coin (it's nice and sparkly but with good coverage with just 1 coat - so perfect for nail art). The finished look reallly reminded me of the Katy Perry vid: California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg, it's like bubblegum or a fairground carousel..  so sweet ^_^
Hope you like them , have a great weekend everybody..don't forget Mothers Day on Sunday if you're in the UK! ^_^
What I used:
Models Own - Soda pop pink & Beth's blue
Revlon - Gold Coin
Models Own top/base coat (not pictured).

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Models Own haul! and Crystal tips: 2 posts in 1

 Look at all these great shades! I'm so happy to have a nice collection finally so now I can get to work properly! I've been making some wheels to display all the different types of nail art I can offer and I spent some time today fixing them up on photo editer thingy so that they have the clouds and text and stuff.. I'm pleased with how clear they look - I will make an ad as soon as I get a telephone number for my business.. exciting!
 Obviously I couldn't wait to try these beautiful colours out and it tough was picking the special first try out shades.... I was feeling brights so I took it to the extreme ... My left hand is in 'Aciiied' which is a kickin' zesty lime green/neon yellow...looks so eye catching - and for my right hand I choose to go with (after much deliberation) the totally fluoro 'Pink punch' my photos in no way do that polish justice! (the true-est representation is the v.last pic but you have to see it to believe it really ^_^ )
Next I applied 'Mixed Up' which is such a coooool dense black and holo glitter - I applied it in a gradient so its denser at the tip.
 The other favourite of the glitters was 'Juicy Jules' which is so pretty, silvery/ rainbowy holo dense glitter - I applied it in the exact same way as the previous glitter.. I like to call this technique crystal tips (for obvious reasons).
 I included this photo even though it's super blurry - because you can see how nice and sparkley it looks in this one!
And then finished it up with a nice coat of top coat to smooth of these rockin glitter nails...I'm SO happy with them... how could a girl not be happy with such an awesome haul! I have my amazing boyfriend to thank for that..oooh dontcha just love 'em!
The finished hands - I loove these brights! couldn't wait to try out the 'Aciiied' shade from the moment I ordered it and it totally didn't dissapoint (such a funny name too...can't believe they called it that but it's a good description lol) it's a shame you can't see how amazing the 'Pink Punch' shows up though! ( I included a daylight swatch at the bottom so you can look).
 This shows the 'Pink Punch' polish in the centre of the display wheel...it's sooo fluoro! looks a bit orange but its definatley BRIGHT pink.
Other colours you can see here are all by Models own:(L-R) Pink buff, Soda pop pink, Pink blush, Sophies pink, Pink punch, Coral reef, Zest-a-peel, Sunkissed, Aciiied.

other colours in my Models Own collection:
Endamame, Lime green, Slate green, Dream stream, Prussian blue, Purple imperial, Pinky brown beetle juice, Scarlet sparkle, Red alert, Naked shimmer, Beth's blue, Snow white, Juicy jules, Mixed up and 3 in 1 base and top coat.